The Paw Spa

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We try our very best to not stress out or rush the animals.  We ask for a  1 1/2 to 2 hour window  to get your pet done and back in your arms.  We usually stick to that schedule or even less time, but we ask for your patience with us if we end up a little behind.

 Here at the Paw Spa we offer  our Standard Packages
Bath Package -includes bath, blow dry, and brush out..
-Standard Shampoo
-Nail Clipping
-Ear Cleaning 
-Anal Glands Expressed (for dogs)
(This does NOT include any trimming )
Face Feet and Tail Package - A "Face Feet and Tail" includes our bath services plus trimming by the eyes, feet and the sanatary area. Getting a Face Feet and Tail lets your dog go longer in between grooming apointments but still keeps a clean appearence and quality skin care.   
Elite Package - When you opt for the fulll grooming service, your pet will receive....
- Bath 
- Standard Shampoo
- Brushing
- Blowing Drying
- Nail Clipping
- Ear Cleaning 
- Anal Glands Expressed (for dogs)
- A customized precision haircut  
- Bows or Bandana  
and lots of loving attention.We are more than willing to take any suggestions on what you think would make your pet look like a movie star and we are glad to help you create the look you want

Express Grooming
if you need your dog groomed "in and out ",we may suggest you come in at a specific time, usually in the morning.There is  an additional charge of $ 11.00  for this service.If you would like we can call you as the groomer is finnishing  (that way you can come right away to pick up) 

Our Add On Menu
Add ons are in addition to the price of a Groom or Bath

Try our  "Paw Spa" package! It is an additional  $21.00
* Nail Grinding
*Tooth Brushing W/Breath Spray
*Special Shampoo
*Deep CoatConditioner
*Spray Leave on Conditioner

"Dental and Paw-dicure "                                    $15.00                                  
*Tooth brushing w/ Breath  Spray
*Toe NailTrim w/ Nail Grinding.

We can give your pup a "Plum Scrub Facial"  $5.00

A La Carte Extras

Flea Shampoo or Medicated Shampoo                  $8.00
Conditioner                                                          $6.00
Tooth brushing w/ Breath Spray                            $6.00
Nail Grinding                                                        $10.00
Paw-Nailish                                                          $6.00